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World Top 10 Cashback Websites to Help You Save


At present, the concept cashback or rebate has been completely accepted by online shoppers around the globe. Along with the rapid development of online e-commerce, there are so many related coupon and cashback websites emerging in recent years to be a part of this more and more booming industry. But here comes a trouble for shoppers, how can I figure out which cashback website is the best choice for me?

We know that cashback websites/portals are an awesome way to save a significant amount of money and earn some extra cash too. People save and earn money just by using links or coupons on those cashback sites. Every time you want to place an online order, just do not forget to log in your cashback portal account in advance to ensure cashback reward later. And your online activity at cashback sites is tracked. After your order being confirmed by the related merchant, an amount of cashback credit would be shown in your cashback account. You can withdraw it when it is available. For some cashback sites, you need to reach a set threshold before you can withdraw.

To help people to make the best use of cashback portals, I write this article to summarize the top cashback websites around the globe. Without simply adding websites in the list, I do a lot of research work about the concerned websites by highlighting their respective characteristics, supported merchants number, payment method and signup bonus, etc. So bookmark this article now for your future reference and share it to your friends to let more people get benefits.


Criterion for Cashback Websites Shown in This List

As you know, owing to the continuous expansion of online shopping, many new cashback portals emerge day by day. Now there are some cashback portals limited their service in certain areas or categories, which might bring some frustrations for some people to use their service sometimes. For example, according to message from people in China, the webpage of Quidco, one of the UK’s cashback portals, can’t be viewed within China. And for another site Dollar Dig, when people in some areas tried to open its web page, it constantly turns to a pop-up page that asking viewer to key in security letters showed on the page, which is very frustrated. While ibotta, a phone app dedicated only to people resided in US, blocks users from other areas to sign up. Cashback portals with similar problems would not be listed in this chart.

And here are also some words to all cashback portal owners. Please remember your users are not beggars. And DO NOT act like a philanthropist who is giving away money for charity. In fact, cashback portals are living on the commission originated from users shopping activity. Any cashback websites that ignores the user experience will not survive。

To add more, those websites, which are focused on providing coupon without cashback programs, will not be shown in this list, either.


World Top 10 Cashback Websites/Portals

Hereby present you the list of world top 10 cashback websites to help you save.

1- Mr. Rebates

Since its establishment in 2002, Mr. Rebates has been operating steadily with generally high user ratings. It has always been the first choice of international users for online shopping cashback.

After placing an order at merchants, users can usually find out their cashback credit the next day. And if a user has any doubt, e.g., considering of missing of a cashback record or incorrect cashback ratio, at Mr. Rebates, the user can go to “Contact Us” column to report. When cashback becomes available, it can be withdrawn by check (for US citizen only), PayPal or gift card with meeting the threshold of $10 at the end of each month.

The web page of Mr. Rebates is concise and clear without too many un-necessary banners or ads that might disturb users’ attention. As a professional cashback portal, Mr. Rebates upholds the principle of making users’ cashback procedure simple and easy. Hence, Mr. Rebates is always my most recommended cashback website even in circumstance like present with so many new cashback portal choices.

To add more, I have been using Mr. Rebates for about 8 years, and I have never lost one cashback credit. Whenever my cashback becomes available, all I need to do is just remember to request payment by PayPal before the end of every month. And the payment would be shown in my PayPal account the first day of the next month. (Owing to time zone difference, payment might be completed the second day of the next month.) What’s more, if there is cash back in my account available for pay out, Mr. Rebates will send me an email to kindly notify me to request payment before the end of every month.

Advantages: stable operation for over 15 years, reliable cashback service, easy-to-use website, relatively high cashback ratio, and more…

Number of Merchants: 2,500+

Payment Method: Check (US bank)/PayPal/Gift card

Payment Interval: one month

Payment Threshold: $10

Mobile app: mobile app & Quick Cash Button for Google Chrome

Signup Bonus: $5

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


2- Ebates

According to the introduction on, Ebates’ history can trace back to 1998. After almost 20 years of operation, Ebates has steadily grown into one of the largest, free member-based savings programs in the U.S. And until now, Ebates has more than 10 million members around the world, which makes Ebates probably the most well-known cashback website.

Ebates was acquired by Rakuten, a Japan company, in 2014 and the group is well-funded. The acquisition of Ebates by Rakuten shows Rakuten’s ambition to expand its market share in world e-commerce industry. Nowadays, Ebates has cashback online portals in Canada, Korea, Japan and China. The China site,, was launched after Ebates acquired Extrabux, which is still in independent operation right now. And in December 25, 2017, was sold to 55Haitao, a China based cashback website.

As one of the biggest cashback portals in the world, Ebates has some unique services, e.g., release of Ebates Visa credit card and support in-store cashback. For Ebates Visa credit card, card holders can earn extra 3% cashback at over 2,000 stores, and can get a $10 cash bonus on first purchase.

Advantages: top cashbach website with stable operation for almost 20 years, relatively high cashback ratio, double-cashback updates, Ebates’s Visa credit card, in-store cashback

Number of Merchants: 2,000+

Payment Method: Check (US bank)/PayPal

Payment Interval: Every three months

Payment Threshold: $5

Mobile app: mobile app & Ebates Button for Google Chrome

Signup Bonus: $10 (New member must place a qualifying order totaling a minimum of $25 within one year of joining)

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


3- TopCashback

TopCashback was founded in 2005 in UK and launched its US site in 2011. And until now, TopCashback also have branch cashback website in China, Japan and India. In today’s cashback industry, TopCashback probably has the second largest number of merchants in cooperation. According to its website, you can get 100% moneyback rebates from TopCashback at over 4,380 stores including Groupon, Walmart, Best Buy, E-bay,,,, Bloomingdale's and so many more including lots of travel sites. TopCashback also offers a big selection of coupons, offering extra instant money-off discounts and free shipping, to use in conjunction with earning cashback too. All this makes TopCashback the USA's most generous cashback rebates site.

The website of TopCashback is clear and easy to surf with continuous updates of current hot rebate deals. What’s more, TopCashback often launches promotion for new users to get a bonus for registering. Please sign up TopCashback in such a promotion period with invitation sign-up link below.

There is one interesting page at TopCashback website with title “EBATES VS. TOPCASHBACK”, which shows TopCashback’s some advantages compared with Ebates. It seems that TopCashback look Ebates as its major competitor. The following is a part of page screenshot. You can go to TopCashback’s website for details if your have any interest.

Other characteristics of TopCashback including:

Advantages: many partnered merchants, usually high cashback ratio, 100% cashback to user, “No Purchase Offers” section, updates of trending merchants with bigger cashback ratio, best cashback ratio guarantee (can claim compensation if user find high ration at other sites than TopCashback)

Number of Merchants: 4,380+

Payment Method: US bank account (via ACH)/PayPal/Gift card (various kind)

Payment Interval: No, user can request a payout at any time (for available cashback)

Payment Threshold: No (the only cashback site that doesn't have a minimum pay-out threshold)

Mobile app: mobile app for Android and iOS

Signup Bonus: during promotion period

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


4- BeFrugal

BeFrugal started out as a coupon only site back in 2009 with headquarter in Boston, USA. BeFrugal has more than 5,000 merchant partners, in which, many of them have the highest online rebate percentage at BeFrugal. According to the US cashback industry report (Nov. 2016) published by, 75% partner merchants with BeFrugal support the highest cashback ratio. In BeFrugal’s website introduction, it said that BeFrugal gave 102% cashback to users in 2016.

BeFrugal guarantees that all coupons on their site will work or you'll receive a $5 bonus. In addition, BeFrugal provides the Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee. If you make a Cash Back eligible purchase through BeFrugal, and find a higher Cash Back rate elsewhere, they will match it 125%. Of course, there are several requirements for this, such as, at least order value $25, claim within 24 hours, etc.

BeFrugal membership is free and there is no charge for Membership. However, if your account is inactive for more than 365 days, it becomes dormant. BeFrugal reserves the right to debit dormant accounts $2.00 per month for maintenance until the account balance reaches zero.

Advantages: Best coupons, best cash back rates, best customer service, most merchants, most high cashabck ratio, extra bonus for selecting pay out by Amazon gift card, various special bonus promotions held from time to time

Number of Merchants: 5,000+

Payment Method: US bank account (US only)/Check (US only)/PayPal/Gift card

Payment Interval: No, but, payment requests can be made once every 15 days for amounts exceeding $25, or once every 30 days otherwise

Payment Threshold: $25 for Check, Bank account & Gift card, $0.01 for PayPal

Mobile app: mobile app, BeFrugal Add-On

Signup Bonus: $10 (must earn $10 cashback in 3 months after registering)

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


5- Extrabux

According to media report, Extrabux was founded in 2006 in US, and opened its second office in Shanghai, China. In March 2014, Extra was acquired by Ebates and launched And until present, the 2 cashback website, Ebates China & Extrabux, are still in separate operation.

At present, Extrabux's website is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Russian. China is the first Extrabux market to set up an overseas branch. Extrabux did not reveal the latest number of Chinese members now, but they believe China as a bigger market than the United States. According to Extra, the company has many users in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other places, but Chinese users are the fastest growing.

Extrabux offers a wide range of stores such as Amazon, Macys, Ebay, Walgreens, Disney, Walmart, and even some China merchants like JD.

Advantages: free member with signup bonus, relatively high cashback ratio, coupon supported, fast-growing in new market area

Number of Merchants: 2,500+

Payment Method: Check/PayPal/ShengPay (for China users)

Payment Interval: No

Payment Threshold: $10

Mobile app: Browser extension

Signup Bonus: $5

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


6- Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant's headquarters is located in San Francisco and its ultimate mission is to transform everyday shopping into charitable action. Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corp and shopping rewards platform that makes it easy for shoppers to both save money and give back for free.

Giving Assistant's shoppers can earn cash back and find the latest coupon codes from over 3,000 trusted brands and have the option to choose from over 1.2 million charitable organizations to donate a portion of their cash back earnings. Users can decide which charity organization to get their own cash back donation. Giving Assistant also offers a free browser button that will conveniently send cash back alerts and automatically scan multiple coupon codes so shopping journeys can start directly on its partnered brand sites.

Only with clicking invitation link, new users can get a $5 sign-up bonus, which can be available for pay out in future after users make their actual shopping via Giving Assistant. Please remember this. Or else, you can’t get $5 bonus for signing-up Giving Assistant.

Advantages: Support cashback for shopping with may big stores including Macy’s, Target & Walmart, 100% cashback to user, donation to charity organizations, online service support, Giving Assistant blog

Number of Merchants: 3,000+

Payment Method: eCheck/PayPal

Payment Interval: No

Payment Threshold: $5.99

Mobile app: Giving Assistant Button

Signup Bonus: $5, with clicking invitation link only, no bonus for direct sign-up

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


7- Panda Cash Back

Panda Cash Back, a relatively new cashback website with panda, a cute animal, as its logo image, is headquartered in Michigan, USA. According to the webpage of Panda Cash Back, the website is established in 2012 and its mission is "To provide consumer a global platform to help them save money by shopping online".

Panda Cash Back partnered with thousands of brand name companies like Groupon, Adobe, Expedia, GameStop, K-Mart, Best Buy and GNC, among others. (New retailers join Panda Cash Back every month.)

Panda Cash Back has a special feature called “Instant CashBack”. Except travel sites & low reliability sites, for any other transaction, once a VIP Member place an order, he get his cash back confirmed as the transaction is posted in his account.

Advantages: Instant Cashback for VIP members, many partnered merchants

Number of Merchants: 4,000+

Payment Method: Check (US or Canada resident)/PayPal

Payment Interval: No

Payment Threshold: $15

Mobile app: No but Chrome extension

Signup Bonus: $5. Sign Up bonus are pending until a customer make its 1st withdraw.

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


8- RebatesMe

According to RebatesMe, it is a cashback website originated from USA to provide global users a high percentage of overseas merchants rebate, discount information, coupons, deals information and so on. In RebatesMe logo, there is a phrase “US top rebates site”. But according to website information check, RebatesMe is registered under one China based company with server located also in China. No matter what, if it can definitely bring good cashback service to users, it would be also worthy for users to have a try.

RebatesMe has many partnered merchants with categories in cloths, cosmetics, health products, digital products, travel and so on, and with merchants name such as eBay, Macy’s, Sears, Walmart, etc.

Advantages: special convenient measure for China users, sometime high cashback ratio for certain merchants

Number of Merchants: 1,300+

Payment Method: PayPal/Alipay

Payment Interval: No

Payment Threshold: $20

Mobile app: No

Signup Bonus: $5

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


9- GoCashBack

GoCashBack is a newly-emerged cashback website, which has 3 languages in English, Chinese and Korean. The Chinese website does not have an independent domain name and is attached under GoCashBack’s main domain, while its Korean website has an independent domain name.

GoCashBack was founded in 2013 (for reference only) according to the website description of its website in English. And its partnered merchants include eBay, Ashford, Nordstrom, GNC,, SkinStore, Sephora and more. While and were closed in September 2016, it seems that some GoCashBack webpages are not updated in time. According to its Chinese webpage, it has cooperation relationship with more than 1,000 US merchants and offers cashback ratio up to 31%.

In addition, there is one more thing that needs attention, GoCashBack and its linked websites “55Haitao” & “LinkHaitao” are under the management of “”, a coupon site in US.

Advantages: multiple website information share, deal updates

Number of Merchants: 3,000+

Payment Method: Check (US)/PayPal/Alipay/Charity donation

Payment Interval: No, user can request a payout at any time (for available cashback)

Payment Threshold: $20 for first payout, and $10 later

Mobile app: App (iOS only)/Browser extension

Signup Bonus: $5

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


10- Lemoney is truly a new cashback website in this industry, which was established in 2015 in Miami, Florida, USA. It provides users with cashback service along with coupon and shopping deal information. Lemoney suppots shopping cashback in merchants such as Macy’s, Walmart, Kohl’s, Sephora, ebay, Epedia and others.

The most distinguish characteristic of Lemoney is the idea of “C-bonus”, which means Community Bonus according to Lemoney website’s explanation. It is a reward you win every time you complete a suggested activity. The amount of C-Bonus you earn multiplies your Community Commission in a given month. For instance: if your Community Commission is US$ 1.00 this month and your C-Bonus is 5, Your Total Commission for the month will be US$ 5.00 (US$ 1.00 x 5 C-bonus). You can log on Lemoney website to know about C-bonus and how it works.

Lemoney introduces the concept of “cashback community” into the industry. How will this affect the industry? We have not gotten the answer yet. But one thing for sure, it can be a success only when more and more user chose to use Lemoney.

One more this to mention, Lemoney support shop sorting in 3 different ways: sort by alphabet, by cashback ration and cashback amount.

Advantages: C-bonus, various ways to earn extra bonus

Number of Merchants: 1,500+

Payment Method: PayPal

Payment Interval: No

Payment Threshold: $25

Mobile app: No

Signup Bonus: No for now

Signup Link:

Or Click sign up button 


Suggestions for Cashback Website Users

As we know, cashback websites can help people to save more and earn extra money from shopping online. But it is very important for users to understand some essential rules when using cashback sites.

1 Allow site cookies

Cashback websites or portals track users visits by cookies, which is impossible if user block cookies on their computer and further leading to no cashback could be given to. So please make sure to allow cookies every time before you begin to shopping.

2 Select Best Cashback Ratio but Not Use to Many Cashback Portals

You can sign up a few cashback websites and choose the one offer the best cashback ratio every time you shop. But it might not be smart enough to use too many cashback portals in your daily shopping since this might cause your cashback bonus too scattered. While many sites has pay-out threshold, this might make it is a difficult for users to meet the threshold.

3 Remember Not to Use one Cashback Site But Use Coupons from Others

Almost all cashback websites make clear notification that use coupons from other channels when placing an order will lead to no cashback credit. Please remember do not shop this way.

4 Cashback Is a Tool, Not the Ultimate Goal

Users must clearly bear in mind that cashback website is an effective tool to save more and earn cashback but not your ultimate goal. You should make the best use of this tool and save more in shopping but not try to get more cashback return with buying too many products you do not want.

5 View Cashback Credit a Bonus only

The cashback isn't yours until it's in your bank account. Actually, tracking problems occur for many people while using cashback sites. There are times when you'll expect to be paid but won't be. Reasons for this might be complicated. But remember this, a cashback website would give you cashback bonus only after they got paid by merchants. If merchants didn’t pay cashback websites, they would not pay you,either.


Cashback website or portal is definitely a great tool for people to save money and earn extra cash in shopping. Since there are many cashback websites nowadays, it is very important for users to understand their major characteristics and make wise selection, which is also the objection of this article. If you think this article is useful, please bookmark it share it to your friends to help more.

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