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Travel Smart: Get Cashback While Booking Trip, Air Ticket or Hotel Travel a Lot. Travel Smart!


While many people having credit card with reward program nowadays, there is also another great idea to save more when booking a trip, an air ticket or a hotel room, especially for people who travel a lot, which is, cashback websites or cashback portals.

At present, cashback websites or portals are very helpful for online/mobile app shoppers to save money while shopping. If you’re conscientious about using cashback portals when buying things online, you may accumulate a relatively big amount of money for yourself.

Using cashback websites/portals are quite simple. All you need to do is just logging in the cashback portal before you go to shop to place an order. Find the shop you want to buy on cashback portal. Then click the link to go to the shop. Now you can enjoy your money-saving shopping just like usual. After placing an order, the correlated cashback credit would be shown in your cashback portal account in a short period, depending on the regulation of concerned cashback portals and merchants.

Now more and more people are familiar with cashback websites/portals. However, people usually use these useful portals when buying ordinary merchandises, such as garments, books, computers, mobile phones, home appliances, etc. Do you know that you can also get cashback credit while booking a trip for your vacation? Actually in these days, you can get a relatively big ratio of cashback/rebate from booking a trip, a flight, a hotel room or renting a car. In a word, this is a definitely valuable money-saving tip for frequent travellers, no matter for business or just for tourist.

Which Cashback Website Should I Use?

There are certainly many cashback websites support cashback program for travel-related orders. For instance, a cashback comparison site Cashbackholic lists 29 cashback offers for as following picture shows:

From above picture, you can see that one of the biggest world’s cashback websites, TopCashback, offers 6% cashback for your orders at Actually, cashback in travel category is one of TopCashback’s special features. And you can even get 12% cashback at TopCashback for orders of If you don’t have a TopCashback account, you can just click [here] to sign up for free. And refer to the following picture for the details of various merchants’ cashback ratio at TopCashback:

There are so many offers provides by TopCashback. And we just show a few in the above picture. From TopCashback’s website, we can find out that TopCashback has many travel related cash back offers and coupons covering airfare and last minute flights, vacation packages, hotels and lodging, transportation and parking, car rentals, travel insurance, cruises, resorts and more. The range is so vast that even covers all aspects related to people’s travel activity.

In fact, you can choose you own preferred cashback portal for daily use. And there are some additional tips for you to save more.

Several Tips for You to Make Best Use of Cashback Portals

Tip 1: Remember to log in cashback portals every time you want to book a travel or hotel.

This tip is so simple and so important. If you forget to log in cashback portals first, there is no chance for cashback portal to trace your order and further no cashback would be available for you.

Tip 2: Choose the cashback portal that offer the biggest cashback ratio but try to narrow your cashback site selection in a reasonable numbers.

Don’t use too many cashback portals in your daily use. Especially try to avoid those small ones. Or else you may find out that it might be a little difficult to remember all cashback credit in all your accounts, or even forget some in special conditions. And also, it might be difficult for you to accumulate your cashback credit.

When choosing cashback portals, you can use those big ones in cashback industry such as Mr. Rebates, Ebates, TopCashback and BeFrugal, etc. These cashback portals have been operated for many years with good reputation. And also remember, you can get a signup bonus from $5 to $10 when you use the following link to register a cashback account at Mr. Rebates, Ebates and BeFrugal.

Tip 3: You may not able to get good cashback on flights but please do not abandon to use.

Although 6-9% cashback on hotels is very common, it might be hard for you to find the same for airlines. Airlines work on a very different basis from hotels and pay lower commissions to cooperation parties. That’s reflected in the lower cashback available for flight bookings. But considering flight fare is usually a big budget for people and earning even 2-3% cashback can really add up, so there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using cashback portals.

Tip 4: Don’t forget about other cashback services concerning travel, such as destination car rental, local tour booking, local amusements and spas, etc.

TopCashback offers car rentals cashback for 40 merchants such as Hertz, AVIS and Priceline, etc.


The applicability of cashback websites or portals to travel isn’t just limited to hotels and transport. You can also get cashback on activities you do when you’re there. Hence it is very helpful for frequent travellers.

So please do not forget to use cashback portals next time booking a trip.

Travel a lot. Travel smart.

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