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2018 iHerb Step-by-Step Shopping Guide

Tips: Hereby present the step-by-step shopping guide for you to buy natural health products from iHerb, one of the worlds biggest online natural health products shop. iHerb launches promotions for new users from time to time. For example, a new user can get $5 off with the first order valued over $40 ($10 off during special promotion period), and further with additional 5% off with typing coupon code: JZK273 when placing an order.

iHerb, one of USA's largest natural health products online shop, began operations in 1996 and has delivered natural supplements around the world since its establishment 21 years ago. iHerb has three GMP-certified, modern eco-friendly warehouses located in California, Kentucky and Pennsylvania and sells more than 1,200 brands and 35,000 kinds of health care products, cosmetics and personal items. iHerb has tens of thousands of loyal customers in more than 150 countries around the world, selling only very famous products in Europe and the United States, and has good service and reputation.

For international customers, shopping at iherb is such a great experience. Actually, almost all customers for all available shipping countries can enjoy free shipping with orders valued above $40. And the most important point is that iHerb provides different localized convenient measures to ensure customers can get the most satisfied shopping gratification. For example, iHerb provide customers from China with website in Chinese, Chinese live customer support, payment method in Alipay & WeChat, etc to meet local people’s shopping preferences.

And hereby present you the detail guide for registering and shopping at iHerb:

1- Register iHerb Account

iHerb once had independent domain name “” for its China version website. But recently after integration adjustment for its websites, iHerb unifies all sub-websites under one domain “”. After entering the iHerb homepage, the website usually adjusts the display language according to the user's country origin. If the website does not display the language users preferred, you can change the language and currency preference on the upper left corner of the homepage.

1) Click signup link: to enter iHerb’s homepage.

After entering the iHerb homepage, the website usually adjusts the display language according to the user's country origin. If the website does not display the language users preferred, you can change the language and currency preference on the upper left corner of the homepage like the following picture shows:

After making language and currency preference, just click the orange button [Save Preferences] to enter the homepage as follows:

On the home page of iHerb, Just click [My Account] on the upper right corner of the page. And there will be [Create an Account] and [Sign In]. Click [Create an Account] to enter the next page to create a new account, as shown below:

2) If you already have an iHerb account, you can enter the e-mail address and password in the [Returning Customer] section to log in. In addition, you can now choose to [Sign In with Social Media] with options like [Sign In with Google] and [Sign In with Facebook], which makes it easy for new customer to have an iHerb account.

Of course, you can choose to create a new account. To create a new account, click the green [Create Account] button and enter the next page as following:

3) In the section [Create an Account], please input your email address, your password and then retype your password. Then click the green [Create Account] button to finish the signing-up procedure by entering customer dashboard just like following:

The above picture shows the account dashboard of an old user who has made recent purchase from iHerb and has rewards credit $5.39 pending for next shopping.

After successful registration, you can input your shopping & billing address in the [Address Book] section at the left side of the page.

Now you can enjoy your fun shopping at iHerb.

2- Shop at iHerb

1) Product Selection

At iHerb, there are several ways to show products in hot deal and present promotion.

At home page, iHerb arranges all products in categories. By clicking [Categories] or [Brands] in the navigation bar at the upper left corner of home page, you can enter the sub-pages. Or you can just type in the product you want in the search bar at the top center of the page.

To help you be familiar with the shopping procedure at iHerb, I would like to introduce the following step-by-step shopping guide for your convenience. In the shopping demonstration, we try to buy a bottle of whey powder with brand name “Muscletech”.

Now successively click [Category] – [Sports] – [Whey Protein] at the upper left corner of the page as following picture shows:

Then the page will show all the products in the category [Sports] - [Whey Protein]. Then choose Muscletech at section [Brands] at left part of the page to show all whey protein powder of Muscletech sold by iHerb at present, as following shows:

We try to buy one of Muscletech's best-selling protein powder: NITRO TECH protein powder (4.00 lbs), one of the most classic one of Muscletech. And you can see this product will have 20% off in cart. Click the product image to enter the product information page as follows:

The product page shows the other specs for this protein powder and detailed product information, including expiration date, shipping weight, product code, and more. At the bottom of the product page, you can also see the real evaluation of users who have already bought this product.

At the right side of this page, you can find out that customer can get 10% loyalty reward by purchasing this product, which can be used for next purchase.

2) Shopping Cart and Payment

Click the orange color [Add to Cart] button to add this product into shopping cart. And now click shopping cart icon at upper right corner to see what’s in the cart. As following picture shows:

The original price of this product is $54.26. And after 20% discount, the price becomes $43.41.

In the shopping cart, you can change the quantity of products. And in the [Savings] section, you can input special coupon code JZK273 to enjoy additional 5% off.

For USA customers, there are 4 shipping choice: Expedited (by iHerb courier), US Post, UPS Two day and UPS Next Day. And for the first 2 shipping method, customer can enjoy free shipping with order above $20.

For customers from other countries, there might be different shipping choice. And Please remember, if there is any custom duty incurred, it would be customer’s own liability to pay the tax, which could also be shown in the shopping cart page when customer made their choice.

After making change in shopping cart, click the orange color [Proceed to Checkout] button to confirm your shipping address and go to pay.

The shopping procedure at iHerb is just simple.

3- Special Tips

1) For new customer at iHerb, please do not forget to use the special coupon code JZK273 to enjoy additional 5% off when placing an order.

2) Important Shopping Tip: At present, some cashback websites support iHerb shopping cashback/rebate with up to 9% cashback. Customer can log in those cashback websites offering iHerb cashback every time before placing an order.

Name an instance. RebatesMe currently supports iHerb shopping rebate with ratio of 9%. Log in to RebatesMe account before go to iHerb. And clicking RebateMe's search result for iHerb to go to iHerb's website for actual shopping. Another cashback website 55Haitao support 8% cashabck for iHerb shopping.

You can check out the following picture for website that support iHerb cashback:

If you have not yet registered as a member of RebatesMe, you can just click the following signup link: Have any questions about registering RebatesMe's account, you can check this article for details:「Signup RebatesMe」.

Another cashback website 55Haitao support 8% cashabck for iHerb shopping. You can click the following link to signup:

To signup other cashback websites, you can go to this web page for fast registering: 「Major Cashback Websites Fast Signup Channel」.

Now enjoy your unique shopping experience at iHerb. And never forget use special coupon code JZK273 every time you shop.

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